About Me

Who is the Passionate Dreamer?

The passionate dreamer is a girl in 20’s with her whole life ahead of her and the world at her feet.

My name is Bee, I started this Blog in 2016 and have currently revamped it, given it a make over for the new decade. Some of the content has returned or updated, others have been retired for the previous decade.

My hobbies still including anything that gets the creative juices flowing, photography, sewing, crocheting, drawing, painting, listening to music and of course writing.

In essence, I do my best to do what I love and love what I do! I encourage everyone to do the same! 

“Do what you love, love what you do!”

What to expect on the Blog in 2020

  • Weight Loss
    • Nutrition going Gluten Free & Dairy Free
    • Exercise
  • Lifestyle
    • The Adventures of K9 Kooper
    • Work Life Balance
    • Budgeting

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