The Paleo Pancake

Nutrition, first post of 2020! I made Paleo Pancakes by Birch Benders. My first encounter with this brand was with their Paleo Waffles, I thought why not they are, Gluten Free (Check), Dairy Free (Check), Soy Free (Added Bonus??), Grain Free (Added Bonus Again??) No Added Sugar (BONUS!), and 0g Trans Fat. They were amazing but were way too much in the red food zone and calories wise (based on the NOOM app). Thus, I thought the only logical thing to do was try to use their mix to make pancakes. (Okay not logical I thought of it in the middle of shopping at Target)

When making the pancakes I used a small griddle a gift I got for Christmas which was the exact serving size of the pancake package suggestion. I mixed the pancake mix with water and poured it onto the griddle, timed it for five minutes and then ate it. In the future I would wait longer since the pancakes weren’t cooked all the way through.

Overall the pancakes and they were delicious!

For the Noom Nutritional Value see the following:

Red Foods – Limit Your Portions

Birch Benders Pancakes (Two 4 Inch)

126 Calories

Red Foods – Limit Your Portions

Aunt Jemima Original Syrup (10.00 ml)

35 Calories

Total of 161 calories for both and still 139 calories left in the red zone. I felt full and I wasn’t hungry for anything else.

For me, in the mornings it’s a quick, wake up take the dog out, head out to work, which is why I made 2 extra. Minus the one that the dog took, so 1 extra for early in the morning. With practice the prepping time will be less since I now know how to make them. I will probably meal prep them on Sundays and make enough for the week.

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