“You see weeds, I see wishes” – BeeDapper

“Live your dreams, don’t allow your dreams to live inside of you” ~ Beth Dapper

In order to live MY dreams I have created this blog, beedapperdiary.com The Diaries of a Dreamer, in which I intend to journal about my journey towards my dreams. Once this first blog post is posted, I can officially say that I’ve taken the first step towards my dream of starting and having a blog.

The Diaries of a Dreamer blog will chronicle the journeys that I take towards various dreams of mine. This won’t be a sugar-coated, idealistic version of how I work to achieve my dreams. Instead The Diaries of a Dreamer will contain the raw emotional experiences, of my internal and external struggles, the challenges and/or obstacles that I face, and of course will ALWAYS include the positive affirmations that remind me not to give up just because the journey is difficult.

On that raw emotional note, I know that keeping up with a blog can be difficult, I have tried to blog three times before this one. The things that held me back from publishing and publicly sharing my blog are listed below:

  • I wasn’t ready,
  • What if no one likes what I write about?
  • I can’t spell, and my grammar skills…

I realized though, I have so much I want to talk about, so many thoughts I want to share, I want to make a difference in the world, I don’t know what that difference will be, but even if all I do is start this blog, and keep up with it, (that’s the key isn’t it ) then I can say I’ve accomplished one of the many dreams I have for myself.

Join me on my quest to follow my dreams, maybe I’ll inspire you to follow yours!

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