Weight Loss

“This year will be different! I will loose weight, 30 lbs by June.”

Every year I would say this, every year for the past 3 years I didn’t complete this goal, but I still made this my goal this year. Why? Why have the same goal that you didn’t complete for the past three years?! What makes you think this year will be any different?

Well, let me tell you how this year will be different from previous years I plan to:

  1. Ensure that my goals visible to me daily.
  2. Track my goals so they become habits showing short-term progress.
  3. Try a new weight loss application
  4. Be and I am more determined than every to be healthy this year

Goals should be VISIBLE

When I was in college I used to have quotes on note-cards on my mirror in the bathroom and on my cork-board above my kitchen sink. The cards on the bathroom mirror showed words of affirmation to myself, as my self esteem wasn’t and still isn’t too great no matter what size I was/am. The note-cards above the kitchen sink were quotes from my friends who were also in college so that I would have them close by and cheer me on. I could hear each of their voices when I read them, which helped me through school or when I was down.

Instead of words of affirmation I chose to have my goals visible as a daily reminder of what you I want to achieve in the next six months. On my mirror in my bathroom I have three different cards, one has each month from now until June counting down the weight loss, the second one has three exercises I would like to do daily (none of which I have started yet), and finally the last one is a reminder that my goal is to drink 64 fl oz of water a day.

Show your PROGRESS

Many times we don’t see the changes we are making or the positive impacts that they might have on your life which seems to hinder our progress. It is difficult to see the day to day progress you are making thus the solution to this is Habit Tracking. Habit tracking is a way that you can see your progress in the short term. I color in the boxes under the corresponding days that I have completed that goal/habit. This is how I have been tracking my daily progress. On my personal Habit Tracker I have:

  • 30 Minute Walk
  • Eat between 8am – 8pm
  • Drink 64 fl oz of water a day
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • 30 Second Plank
  • 1 Minute Bicycle
  • 50 Sit-ups
  • 1 Mile Run (added last night)
  • Fast after 9pm

Try something NEWM

Okay so I tried to make a play on words, trying something new and the new thing I am trying is a weight loss application called Noom. This application is supposed to correct not only your eating habits, but your lifestyle by focusing on the psychological part of weight loss and lifestyle changes.

I have signed up for the 14 day free trial and will be documenting my Noom Journey on this blog as well. So far I have learned about different colors of foods, not enjoyed the amount of calories I have been given, and enjoyed reading the articles that Noom provides.

Intrinsic Motivation & Self Determination

Finally, I am intrinsically motivated (behaviors that are driven by internal rewards) and self determined (free choice to have control over the outcomes in my life i.e. the next 6 months) to complete this years goal of loosing the 30 lbs by June at a rate of approximately 5 lbs a month.

Join me on this adventure of health, weight loss, and life style change in the year 2020!

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