Advice from a Girl

Yes, that is me, with the SnapChat Filter, but trust me the Advice I give is unfiltered!

Below are links from my Advice from a Girl Page

“In order to live MY dreams I have created this blog, The Diaries of a Dreamer, in which I intend to journal about my journey towards my dreams. “

“Live your dreams, don’t allow your dreams to live inside of you”


“Who are you going to believe the mirror a photograph or the eyes of the man who thinks you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet?”

The Mirror or Your Man


“This isn’t the only way that you can get to know a girl, but it’s a pretty decent idea…”

How to Get to Know a Girl


“Love yourself, check!”

“Love Yourself, Don’t Loose Yourself in Love”


“The blessing is being connected to your loved ones even when they’re far away. The curse is…”

“Being present, in the present, is a present with no dollar sign.” ~ BeeDapper