One Change Can Open Your Eyes, I Never Knew

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There are many things in life that come up unexpectedly, you must ALWAYS assume any plans you make in life WILL BE altered or changed.

“Expect the Unexpected in Life”

As a child, all you want is to be an adult, and expect it will be amazing. Then boom! Adulthood, not so glamorous and you find yourself missing your childhood.

KIDS CHERISH YOUR NAPS! It does NOT last forever!

As a high school student, you often expect for those to be the best days of your life. UM… not for me, let’s just leave it at that. More bad times then good, but I learned from them.

ALWAYS look at the silver lining in any situation you are in and LEARN from it.

As an 18 year old, you’re an adult, not an adult who just get diagnosed with cancer, and had two surgeries within 6 months of being 18.

That was a blessing, I used to care so much about what others thought until I was diagnosed, for two years I couldn’t care less about other’s opinions. I hope one day to get to that point again. WITHOUT the cancer scare.

I NEVER thought I wasn’t going to be okay. I knew I was.

As a college student, you gain the freshman 15…. NOPE FRESHMAN 40 HIT ME!

Lost it all the previous summer due to diet for treatment, then lost it the following summer biking all over my hometown.

I learned it is better to loose weight with exercise not just diet. I looked so much better the second time I lost the weight.

As a college graduate, getting right into the career field, not being a TA for 3 years.

However, I have enjoyed all three of those years, and I have grown thanks to that job. I love that job and I will miss the people I worked with.

As a person in a relationship, you think that your relationship is going one way and then it doesn’t. It crashes and burns in the worst way possible, you don’t know what went wrong.

Take a deep breathe. It is all going to be okay, YOU are going to be okay. New Job, New Place, Old Friends, and New Friends. Take a year for yourself, nothing too serious, be who you were before the relationship. Don’t allow that bad relationship to define how you see relationships in the future. Know that you did everything you could, were the best person you could be, and that is good enough for you.

Don’t slam the other person, even if it feels good. Don’t erase the years you were together, be supportive of them and their new en-devours.

What did you learn from that relationship? What did you gain? Remember the good times not the bad.

Take comfort in knowing you finally understand the quote:

“It’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all.” 

I loved every minute of our relationship good and the bad,


“It is hard to forget someone who gave you so much to remember”


Finally, as a newly single person that is not how you should define yourself. You are you, you have always been you are just you without the us and that’s okay.

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