Shamrock 4 Miler

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This is a picture before the race, this is the first race I get to run with my S.O. I was super excited!

This is a picture before the race, this is the first race I get to run with my TheMash I was super excited! My TheMash didn’t think that he was going to be able to run the race, he said “I am so out of shape, this should be great babe.” However, he surprised himself! ThesMash was able to run the race in 46 Minutes and 44 seconds! Faster than me!

So, now that I’ve done my bragging like a good S.O. does, it’s time to discuss me. That doesn’t sound bad at all… haha… Any way.

I started the race with a few goals in mind:

  • Run the 1st Mile
  • Run at a slower pace
  • Run the last Mile

I started running, slow pace. I was quickly becoming further and further behind in the pack, which honestly didn’t bug me. I was focused on doing me. I wasn’t racing against anyone else, I was racing against myself.

What became a little more upsetting while running the first mile was the fact that TheMash who thought he wasn’t going to be good at running, was ahead of me. It wasn’t a large distance at first but slowly that distance grew. He turned around jogged in place, then looked at me and I waved him on. The longer the distance between myself and TheMash the more upset I grew.

The thing that changed my emotions at this moment was hitting the 1 mile marker and I HAVEN’T WALKED ONCE!

Check ☑ first goal achieved! “Run the 1st Mile

I started to forget that I couldn’t see TheMash anymore and started to focus on running the next mile. Still at a slow pace I ran.

Check ☑ Mile Number 2 COMPLETED!

The realization that I had completed the second miler WITHOUT STOPPING or WALKING, was amazing. I said to myself, “If I ran halfway I can run the other half!” 

I though of it like the blonde joke, (or whichever color hair you want it to be) a blonde is stranded on an island, she swims halfway to the beach, gets tired and swims halfway back to land.

To me, I thought that if I could run 2 of the 4 miles I could run the last 2 miles. Just then my ear buds started to ring. I picked up it was TheMash,

TheMash, “How are you doing?’


TheMash, “I was checking on you…”


Didn’t talk to him until the end of the race after that phone call. haha.

The most important mile marker!

The third and final mile marker was the mile marker I needed to see most at this point in the race. I was tired and doing my best to keep up the continuous running at a slow pace and seeing the third mile marker was so exciting. I knew that the next mile marker wouldn’t be a mile marker it would be a finish line!

The last mile was the mile where I talked to myself, “You’re almost there, it’s gonna be okay. Keep going!” Finally, I saw the finish line, then I decided I would sprint to the finish line.

When I began my sprint I felt the most adrenaline I had ever felt surged through my body. Suddenly I wasn’t tired and I was running faster than I think I’ve ever run before, it was exhilarating. I finished!

Check ☑ Race Finished! “55 Minutes 22 Seconds

At the finish line with one of my biggest supporters!

If you’re still here and have read all of this, I applaud you and thank you!

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