The Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler

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Before blissfully unaware of the pain to come
Before, blissfully unaware of the pain to come.

The picture above is of me, blissfully unaware of the pain to come, as I jokingly say. The reason I decided to run the Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler was to see where how far I had come in terms of training for Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon. Personally, I am not running the Marathon, I am running the 1/2 Marathon or 13.1094 miles, for myself.

The Blacksburg Classic 10 Miler is 3 miles less than a 1/2 Marathon, so the using this as a mile stone for where I am supposed to be for the Blue Ridge 1/2 Marathon was very pleasing.

In the beginning of the race it began to rain, but I had on a tang-top and the black running sweatshirt, so rain or no rain I was running. Excited to start I wanted to set a pace for myself and began slowly.

I ran the first mile, and I was planning to run the last mile, as is my goal for the Brave Heart 5K. However, by mile 6 of the 10 miler I was beat. I was giving it my all and still I was tired.

I tried to walk fast, and even then I was struggling. It became more and more apparent that I was going to be the last person finishing this race. Everyone I saw was lapping me, and then the bicyclist was behind me.

When the bicyclist is behind you that means you’re the last person. At first I was upset, so I asked some volunteers to have him not follow me so close as it was making me nervous. Later I asked him to bike beside me because I still had 3 miles ahead of me and it was getting lonely on the run.

We talked and he became my personal running coach, he talked a lot but it was nice to have a person to talk to, I had been alone for over an hour of my run. Once we were in sight of the finish line he dropped off his bike and asked me to run with him to the end. I wasn’t ready I did my best and my time was.

2 hours 37 minutes and 29 seconds


Very Aware
After, I am very aware of my pain and can’t feel my legs or feet. I made it and I have my medal.

I ran it for the medal, I ran it for the satisfaction, I ran it to see where I stood for the Foot Levelers for April, I ran it and finished it, tired and numb but I succeeded and I plan to do the same in April.

The Feature Image was found on the Run About Sports Facebook Page. The Photographer is amazing, and according to the comments his name is Jon Fleming he did amazing thank you! 10 Miler on February 11th 2018.


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