The Mirror or Your Man

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“The Mirror or Your Man…” or should I say, “your man, your friends, and your family?”

Who are you going to believe the mirror a photograph or the eyes of the man who thinks you’re the most beautiful woman on the planet?

This quote the first time I saw it hit me hard, and has pulled me back to a better place each time I read it. I am not thin, but I’m also not obese, let’s say I’m somewhere in the middle, I’m healthy.

Regardless if I’m healthy or not, I still over analyze and over think how I look, who doesn’t. If you said ‘I don’t’ good for you, not all of us are like that sorry. This post is for the people who over think how they look who struggle with weight loss weight gain or simply maintaining your weight.

I’m not going to give you a diet plan, at least not in this post. I’m going to give you a quote that I thought of.

You are Be-You-tiful!

The key word is Y-O-U, you. You are beautiful in your own way, my advice to you is surround yourself with people who appreciate your beauty on the inside and outside. Listen to your family, your friends, significant other, those who love you, not that mirror who doesn’t have anything nice to say about you.

That’s it that’s my advice, I know it’s short and sweet and to the point. The advice is simple because even though your mind over thinks and over analyzes the mindset to get there isn’t complicated. That’s the mindset you should have, it may be difficult to obtain but it works. I will say I still struggle with this mindset personally but I have come far from where I was.

~Nobody’s perfect

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