Grad School Mission

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For those of you who don’t know, I was accepted into Radford University’s College of Graduate Studies and Research graduate program in Special Education. I am pursuing a degree in Deaf and hard of hearing Special Education.

I began my first college course after graduating two years ago this summer. I was able to juggle summer fun and school, and I am very proud of myself. Nothing wrong with a little self-love.

The Double Edged Sword of Summer

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The Double Edged Sword of Summer, having my first Graduate School course in the summer, a blessing, even if I didn’t always see it as one. Summertime this year was slated to be a time to nose dive into the textbooks and get back into the swing of being a student, a role which I hadn’t played in two years. *No acting classes were required to prepare for this role*

The course, Students with Diverse Learning Needs and the Special Education Process, was online, the information was a mix of new information and a refresher to previous information, but all was invaluable to my career.

Story of My Grad School Summer Mission – Short & Sweet 

I was so excited to be a student again, I really shined as a student whether it was in college of in grade school. I was gung-ho about the entire process I would get everything done super early and end up not having to worry or stress over deadlines. In the beginning that was the case, I finished work for the first week and a half or so a week early. This early bird catches the worm spirit slowed down as the weeks progressed and as my summer activities expanded.

The Fourth of July was just around the corner and I had finally found a schedule that worked for me, and helped me turn in my course work on time. I worked to complete the original post for chapter discussions, due on Thursdays, earlier in the week after reading the corresponding chapter(s). On Thursdays, I would turn in the original discussion post and start working on that weeks module answer sheet, due on Saturdays. Finally on Saturdays I would complete and turn in the module answer sheet for that week and complete the reply post for the corresponding chapter(s).

This system allowed me to have fun over the Fourth of July with friends who had come in from out-of-town. 

The week of July Fourth we also had our Legal Case Analysis Paper due, on July 6th. I had completed a majority of my paper, then a curve ball, I found additional resources that gave me more information that I needed for the paper. Thus, I spent seven and a half hours in the library, mostly on reorganizing the paper and adding new information and trying to get ahead for the following week.


Long story short… 

Knowing that whoever may be reading this doesn’t need a full on play by-play I’ll give you the cliff notes.

I finished my completed all my coursework on time and with, in my opinion, a great quality of work. It was difficult at times, but I thank the family and friends who supported me throughout this course I have successfully finished my first Graduate Level Course!

Things to Remember

*Get into a routine for completing and turning in your assignments*

*Get ahead of your assignments*

*Balance school work with summer fun (Social/Extracurricular Activities & Work)*

“Make sure you see the long-term goal & not the short-term gratification” ~Know your priorities~


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