How to Get to Know a Girl

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First let me say, this isn’t the only way that you can get to know a girl, let me say that right off the back, but I do believe that this is a pretty decent idea that I came up with on the fly while sharing some of my wisdom.


Take her to the mall.


The place: The Mall

It’s a public place, so usually not too much pressure, and depending on the time of day you can gauge the amount of people that you could encounter at the mall.


It has EVERYTHING, okay not everything, but the mall has a nice mix of stores. The stores in a mall can include, shoe stores, clothing stores, sports stores, lotion stores, jewelry stores, and specialty stores.  These stores do their best to try to cater to all demographics, and in doing so the mall has the ability to show you what your dates likes, IF YOU PAY ATTENTION.


**Keep in mind when you’re walking around with your date pay attention to what she is looking at, what stores she wants to go into.


**When she enters a store pay attention to the items that she looks at, how she reacts, yes I know this is a lot to remember, but trust me a simple trip to the mall can help you learn a lot about the person, I’ll use myself as an example.


What happens if you YOU go to the mall with ME!… and try to get to know me.  


Shoe stores, when walking through a shoe store I’ll stare at the boots,(I love boots) look at the heels, and compliment the wedges. I’ll probably explain to you how wedges are the easiest heels to run in. (I love wedges, I can run in wedges)


Clothing stores,

I’ll gravitate towards the large department stores, usually for the deals, (I’m not a cheapo but I don’t like to spend a ridiculous amount of money)  


I’ll go to the name brand stores for specifics. (If I ever have a certain item in mind I want to buy… hahah that’s funny)


Regardless of which clothing store I enter you’ll notice that I gravitate towards the jeans and t-shirts. (I like being comfortable)

Should I gravitate towards the dresses you’ll hear me comment, “I love that dress, but I’ll never wear it…”  Mostly because I have multiple skirts in my closet that I have yet to wear, fresh off the rack that I’ve worn in the comfort of my home and not anywhere else.


Sports stores, I don’t usually enter… so expensive! If I do I’ll gravitate towards the camping, hiking, canoeing, biking, any outdoor activity just short of golf.


What you can learn: I love the outdoors


Lotion stores, I DO NOT ENTER AT ALL allergies…


What you can learn: You’ll save a boat ton of money not buying any of that ish for me.


Jewelry Stores, I’m not talking the large main chains of jewelry stores, you’re not gonna get engaged right then and there, I’m talking about small ones i.e. Claire’s


Specialty Stores, Hot Topic© or Spencer’s©


Overall you’ll hear me grip about how expensive ish is, and how I don’t like spending a lot a money.

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