“Love Yourself, Don’t Loose Yourself in Love”

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“Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love” ~ BeeDapper

Love yourself, check!

Okay not 24/7, but it’s a start, I mean who doesn’t have things that they want to change about themselves, or at least improve upon themselves. Personally, I think that one can always improve themselves in some way shape or form.

Love yourself, what makes you, you? check!

I love writing, poetry, short stories, and novels. I love crafts including, but not limited to, (see what I did there?) knitting, sewing, crocheting, painting, sketching, movie editing, photography, cartoons etc.

Love yourself, your uniqueness, even if it’s not always appreciated, check!

Although, I love my uniqueness, I’m adopted from India, but I wasn’t raised by an Indian family. Even though I wasn’t raised by Indian parents I was fortunate enough to have parents that wanted me to learn about my heritage.

Leading by example my parents, enrolled our family in a weekly trip in the summer. The trip, spice camp, included myself and other children adopted from India, and taught us about our Indian heritage. My parents were being diligent and cared enough, going to extra mile to make sure that I knew where I came from.

Oh yeah, it may not always be appreciated, but really, do you want to be around people who don’t appreciate your uniqueness? I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I try my best to surround myself with others who enjoy my company, and that I enjoy their company.

Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love, check!

When you love someone make sure that they love all sides of you, even the sides that aren’t pretty. Don’t get caught up in the idea of the relationship that you being to sugar coat every experience instead of being realistic, especially if you want it to be long-term, don’t sugar coat be realistic, don’t lose yourself in love.

If the relationship goes through a rough patch, you and your partner will either a) come out better and stronger or b) breakdown. If the relationship breaks due to that rough patch then maybe, as difficult as that may be to realize, that it wasn’t meant to be.

If the relationship is real, in my opinion, you are not afraid to say what’s on your mind and hope that your partner is willing to hear you out. Being a female, and always hearing, the woman is always correct, I like to remind people that no matter what, remember,

“you are not always right, and I am not always wrong”

Love yourself, enough to communicate with your partner. check!

The biggest thing to ensure that you don’t lose yourself in love, is communicating.

Be an active communicator. Communicate your thoughts, your feelings, your ideas, your moods, your emotions, you anything and everything, do your best to be an open book to that person. THEY CANNOT READ YOUR MIND!!!

Listen, no not just nodding and going with the flow, aim to be an active listener. Listen to what the other person has to say. Do they want you to be supportive, do they want your advice, or do they just need someone who will listen to vent to and that no opinion is needed.

“Love Yourself, Don’t Lose Yourself in Love” ~ BeeDapper

NOBODY’S perfect, I’m certainly far from perfect, but nobody should be asking you to be perfect. Loving someone and accepting someone completely means loving them in spite of their imperfections, wanting to support them, grow with them, improve yourselves both as individuals and together as a couple.

No matter what remember, Love is out there and you usually find it if you stop looking.

~There are many different types of love, but that story is for another time… 

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